Arkeg Drink-n-Game Cabinet Hides 55 Beers Behind Breakout

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The latest installment of the Arkeg Drink-n-Game is one glorious machine. While it will cost you $4000, the arcade cabinet hides a sixtel, or 1/6 scale keg, that's kept icy cold for your consumption.

The Arkteg features a 24-inch 1080i LCD that's powererd by a Dell GX260 SFF—a bargain bin PC that can handle any MAMEing you have in mind. With the PC core, you score extras like Wi-Fi, DVD playback and karaoke, along with support for multiple brands of romz. (69 licensed games including Mortal Kombat II and Centipede come preloaded.)


The keyboard stows away while HAPP buttons and joysticks along with a Betson-Imperial 3-inch ball sit framed by a laser-cut aluminum panel.

On the beer side, the Arkeg stores 5 gallons of brew along with a 5lb CO2 bottle. Everything's kept cool with near-silent Solid-state Thermoelectric Cooling System.


Is it worth $4000? Probably not. But Dream Arcades drinking-and-driving-friendly Octane will run you almost double. [Arkeg]