Illustration for article titled Octane 120: Arcade Cabinet Meets Kegerator Meets Home Theater

What more can we ask for? This September, arcade cabinet manufacturer Dream Arcades will be releasing a sit-down unit that's pretty much every childhood and adult fantasy we've had rolled into one. Built upon a "high-end gaming PC" platform, the Octane 120 displays games through a 10-foot screen with its built-in projector and it will pour you a cold one at your leisure.Because hidden underneath that black finish, a kegerator keeps your beverage of choice ice cold. Two taps (one by the steering wheel, one in the back) and one cup holder (by the wheel) ensure that no matter where you stumble, it's not too far from more stumbling. And on top of all that good stuff, the system can play any of its 200 (licensed) bundled PC titles, PS3 racing games through the built-in wheel, or PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii games with the built in joystick (and the aid of a few adapters). Oh, and they squeezed a 5.1 surround sound system in the chassis, too. Priced at $6,995, it's definitely infringing on real car payment territory. But finally, we can drive drunk without all those pesky tickets and dead people. [DreamArcades via CrunchGear]


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