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These days, any mention of 4K immediately conjures up images of crystal-clear definition—-and absurdly exorbitant price tags. Well, that's quickly changing. Dell's new UltraSharp 28-inch 4K screen can be yours for less than $700 when it ships later this month, and it's not alone.


The price of 4K monitors is dropping across the board. Asus and Lenovo are both launching 28-inch 4K monitors that will cost less than $800. Of course, that's still quite a bit of money. But compared to the 4K monitors we were looking at last year—for example, Sharp's 32-inch version, for $4,555—it's a steep, steep reduction. A similar drop is happening on the TV side of things. Vizio is debuting a $1,000 50-inch 4K TV, for example—and prices are only going to drop as 4K becomes more prevalent.


But back to Dell. Its new UltraSharp will come with a color depth of 1.073 billion colors, a 170 degree viewing angle, and a speedy 5 millisecond response time. And it can be all yours come January 23. [PC World; UberGizmo]

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