This clever painting combines two paintings without Photoshop

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When you first look at this painting, you imagine it as two women set against one scene. But then you notice the frames in the picture are a little off and wonder if there's some Photoshopping or digital manipulation going on but nope, there's none of that either. It's just clever use of double exposure in film photography. A perfect blend of combining two pictures into one.


The photograph, taken by Redditor Thor86, just uses film to pull off the trick. I love photo trickery using old analog methods.

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Our Lady of Kentwood

If there's one thing I hate about Upworthy and its ilk (the list is actually very long!) it's these obnoxious hyperbolic headlines that tell me what my opinion is going to be before I've even seen whatever the hell it is they're pushing. I believe that one can do cool things with photographic manipulation. My mind isn't blown. My world isn't overturned. My life hasn't been changed. Why can't it just be a neat little thing?