Adafruit Industries recently held a Raspberry Pi Photography contest. Now, they've announced the winners—and you won't believe how good some of them are.

The overall winner of the contest, shown above, was taken by Andrew Mulholland. It's actually acquired by a Raspberry Pi-powered creation, made out of Lego and a Raspberry Pi with a camera module, which acquires panoramic images. He explains how it was made:

It is a panorama taking robot made out of Lego and a Raspberry Pi with a camera module. Details of the panobot can be found here - My entry for the competition can be found here - All photographs have a description of where they were taken, location data and orientation is also (manually) attached to each image. Also in the description is the time of day and number of photographs used to produce the photograph. All stitching was done with Hugin, an open source free piece of stitching software - Photos of the robot out taking pictures (taken with my iPhone) including a video can be found here.

The rest of the winning images—14 in total—are also impressive. Go check 'em out on the competition page, or look at five of our favorites below. [ Adafruit]

Pictures taken with RPi NoiR and the normal cam. Best Regards - Artur Glogowski

The Spirogyia. Here are two exchanging packets of cells. Note it is a s'Pi'rogyia spiro - Mike Cook

Animation of the Automated Digital Photo Collage at Pier 62 #9. Created using python program and a Raspberry Pi computer and RasPi camera. I like how the algorithm detects the movement of the shadow in the lower right corner. #RPPA#raspberrypi - Tommy Mintz

A shot of our last 8th grade raspberry pi class. It's an RPi tied to helium balloons tethered to the ground. Wireless dongle, kids built the OS, made the camera code (python), launched, logged in (ssh) ran the camera code (python) and downloaded the images (sftp) in real time. Wireless provided by Ruckus - it's got a pretty aggressive signal. cool shot - Charlie Galliher

Sparrow departure - 1:58:02 pm. #RPPA - UTM Birdfeeder