You Won't Believe This See-Through Clear Caterpillar Isn't CG

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At first we couldn't believe this amazing crystal clear caterpillar wasn't a render from some art student's DeviantArt gallery. But after scrutinizing the shots in Photoshop, and digging around online, it turns out this real-life gummy worm, known as the Jewel Caterpillar, is most definitely real.

Photographed by scuba Instructor and amateur photographer Gerardo Aizpuru, the Jewel Caterpillar grows to just barely over an inch in length and is a member of the moth species known as Acraga coa. As camouflage goes, it's almost like the caterpillar uses mother nature's version of a cloaking device. Although, the red polka dots inside its clear spikes would probably make it an obvious target for predators.


What's even crazier is that the Jewel Caterpillar will eventually turn into a moth that looks like a tiny flying furry Irish Setter. With perfect camouflage for hiding in veterinarian offices, pet stores, or at dog shows.


[Project Noah via Geekologie]

Images by Gerardo Aizpuru/Project Noah & David Brownell/What's That Bug?