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You'll Never Be as Good at Anything as This Guy Is at RC Helicoptering

It might look like this erratic RC helicopter is malfunctioning and about to crash, but its pilot, Tareq Alsaadi, is in complete control. RC choppers are notoriously difficult to fly, but Alsaadi makes it look beyond effortless with a routine that has his craft flipping around in every direction.


[YouTube via Likecool]

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Yep. I fly these things, but I’m old and klutzy; I’m doing well to just hover and fly it around a bit. Guys like this enter some zen-like fugue state in which their hand-eye coordination merges with the helicopter. By the way, these model helicopters have 5 foot rotor disks turning at 2000 rpm, and are powered by a 5 hp engine; it’s like juggling a chain saw.

Not me, just a stock photo showing the size of these things: