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You'll Never Lose a Music Festival Schedule Temporary Tattoo

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

An opportunity to hear many of your favorite bands isn't the only reason to attend a music festival. There are other recreational activities to enjoy, but they don't always leave you in a state where you can remember who's performing next at which stage, where you left your schedule, or even your first name. So a temporary tattoo that puts the event's lineup right on your forearm is a great idea.


Created by graphic designer Sarah Lawrence, the tattoos could be sent to attendees ahead of time, and all that's needed to get this ink done is a pair of scissors to choose which acts you want to see, a clean patch of skin, and a wet washcloth. Once applied they're durable enough to survive a soaking, but easily come off with a bit of baby oil when the festivities are over. And depending on how hard you plan to party, on the other arm you might want to consider temporarily tattooing your address to help ensure you eventually get back home. [Sarah Lawrence via Laughing Squid]

Photos by Sarah Lawrence