How many messages are in your inbox right now? 100? 1,000? More? Let Outlook 2010 help you with that. Click through to see exactly how it can help you save time and communicate better (two words: "Ignore" button).

Outlook 2010 has several tricks for dealing with ornery inboxes, like the Ignore button. When you're CC-ed on a tediously long office email chain that has nothing to do with you, just hit Ignore and all future messages on the thread will go straight to your Deleted folder. It feels great.


Another way to drastically cut down on inbox clutter is with Conversation View, which groups related emails into a single threaded message in your inbox. So instead of a conversation appearing in your inbox as 30 separate emails, it'll appear as just one.

And if you really want to make your email client work for you, it should incorporate your social networks. Outlook Social Connector makes it happen. Facebook integration is coming soon; LinkedIn and MySpace integration is available now.

Download the Outlook 2010 beta here.