Your Dog Will Never Appreciate How Great This Alien Facehugger Leash Is

It's hard to not spoil your pets, and even harder when you come across an amazing dog leash and harness that makes it look like your pup is being attacked by a facehugger from Alien. Who cares if it costs $150? Get out of my dreams and onto my medium-sized dog.


So, yeah, unfortunately any one with a larger dog just found themselves with $150 still in their pockets because this creation is actually designed for small to medium-sized dogs weighing around 15 to 35 pounds. And since the mesh harness that velcros around their chest is black, the effect will probably be most believable if your pup happens to have black fur as well. But if all the stars align and this ends up being perfect for your dog, it's a wonderful effect and hard to pass up even given the price. [Storenvy via Topless Robot]

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