Your first proper look at young Charles Xavier and Mystique, from X-Men First Class

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Watch baby Mystique rock the hell out of her 60s miniskirt in the rain, with a fully-haired Professor X, in these behind-the-scenes pictures and video from X-Men: First Class. Also check out the first First Class fan-trailer.

These pics reveal a lot, but you can watch the entire scene below. Hot rain strolling action. Still there's a big surprise, Dr. Moira MacTaggert (played by Rose Byrne) pops by right in the end. What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique and James McAvoy as Charles Xavier?

And finally, here is that fanmade X-Men: First Class trailer, complete with a Kevin Bacon cameo. Even though this is just a collection of old movie clips whittled into a fake trailer, this is the first time I've been excited about Bacon as Sebastian Shaw.

[More images at ONTD]