Your First WP7 Update Isn't What You Think

If you're a Windows Phone 7 devotee, you may start seeing a software update notification in the coming days. But! Before you get your hopes up, know that WP7 still won't get its big copy and paste update for some time yet. Instead, Microsoft's tweaking the platform's infrastructure to get it ready for the big one, which will hopefully hit by mid-March. Baby steps! [Windows Team Blog]

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Man they're really taking their sweet time on this one. They're losing their initial hype and are going to get lapped here shortly if they don't pick up the pace. It's a massive improvement over previous windows devices and is the one phone that is equally as smooth as the iPhone in response. However it's still a bit lackluster in content versus iPhone and Android market...though that's expected as its a completely new OS. Plus including their 25 GB cloud with Find my phone is a pretty cool incentive and the Focus is incredibly light and has that gorgeous AMOLED. The new HTC Inspire is a much more obvious choice now though for the exact same price and has all of those features and more. The only real advantage now is their Exchange server if your business requires that and the fact that Office is built in for reading and editing. Other than that...Microsoft is gonna lose their advantage.