Your Last Chance to Score a Free Next-Gen Console

Ok, so maybe Santa didn't bring you a PS3 or Wii this year. Well, y'know what? Screw him cause we've found three more gaming contests for you to check out before the year's end. First up is Adult Swim who's hosting a PS3 contest where the winner goes home with a PS3 and a guest appearance in an episode of Robot Chicken. Girlie men in touch with their creative side will want to head over to Lifetime where the best essayist will win a Nintendo Wii (topic: what game do you want the most). And finally Gameloft is holding their own raffle giving 5 winners each a Nintendo Wii (though you have to be between 6 and 16 years old to enter, so you may wanna wake up Johnny or Susie for that one). Good luck and thanks to our readers who sent in tips!

Console Contest Roundup [Gizmodo]


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