Your Next Windows PC Might Fit Inside a Phone Charger

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What if that phone charger you casually toss into your bag everyday was more than just a power adapter? What if was secretly a fully fledged Windows PC? Well, then you’d have the Quanta Compute Plug.


The smart power-plug was just unveiled at Computex today—it’s not the first plug-based PC we’ve seen, but it might be the smallest. At a glance, the Quanta Compute Plug is barely larger than a typical AC adapter, but still packs in two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI output and enough power to comfortably run Windows 10.

On the surface it doesn’t seem to be that different than HDMI-dongle devices like the Intel Compute Stick, but the plug does seem to have a few advantages. For one, it will be able to draw more power from a wall outlet than HDMI devices can pull from a TV. More importantly, though, is how the user will control it: Microsoft’s Nick Parker says that the Compute Plug can be controlled by voice, using Cortana in conjunction with a remote or a Bluetooth headset.

Want one? Get ready to wait: there’s no word yet on pricing availability or even the device’s internal specifications.

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It still has more ports than a brand new MacBook.