Your President for the Next 4 Years Barack Obama Just Probably Tweeted the Most Popular Tweet of All Time

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After the networks gave the presidential victory to President Barack Obama, his Twitter account sent out a few tweets talking about the victory. One of those tweets has been retweeted so much in the past hour that it's very probably the most popular tweet of al time.

The tweet, a touching Twitter picture (#nofilter) of the President and the First Lady embracing, simply says: Four more years. At over an hour since tweeting, it's been retweeted over 350,000 times and favorited 120,000 times. Previously (in an admittedly unscientific measurement of popularity), the most popular tweet of all time was one of Justin Bieber's inane tweets that went for 200,000 retweets. It's pretty clear that as the night goes on, Obama's tweet will continue to get retweeted and retweeted.

The most popular tweet of all time wasn't actually written by Obama though (he signs the one he writes himself with -bo). This one was:


Not as popular but arguably even better. [BuzzFeed]