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You're Never Too Old to Tweet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This Commodore VIC-20 is running software from a cassette tape, has only 5 KB of RAM, and a processor that runs at 1 MHz. Yeah, it's vintage. But it's also the first VIC-20 to tweet.

Using software called TweetVER (short for Tweeting from a Vintage ComputER), the folks at the PC Museum will be accessing Twitter from this VIC-20. You can read the first tweet on Saturday February 20th at 11am EST by following the museum's Twitter account. (There appear to be some test tweets from a modern computer on the page, so disregard those.)


While we don't think much about accessing Twitter from any one of our desktops, it should be kept in mind that the average computer today runs on about "3000 MHz and contains 2,097,152 KB." This translates to about "419,430 times the memory power and 3000 times the speed" of a VIC-20. And despite all that, grandpa VIC-20 is still ready to tweet. [PC Museum]