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YouTube Poised to Invade Your V Cast Phone, MCE PC

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's not often us Verizon customers get good news (or good phones for that matter), but the boys in red have been schmoozing it up with the folks at YouTube in an attempt to bring Verizon V Cast customers access to YouTube's massive catalog of videos. The deal, which smells of an exclusive, would also give Verizon an on-demand YouTube channel for their TV service. In addition to your phone, YouTube is also poised to invade your Media Center PC with Yougle, a plug in for your MCE PC that lets you view Google Video, DivX Stage 6, and YouTube flicks straight from the MCE interface. We're more excited about the former, which would give us something to do with our phones when Tetris doesn't cut it anymore.

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