YouTube Puts the Final Meta Nail in the Harlem Shake's Coffin

If you somehow haven't had quite enough of the Harlem Shake yet, you might be inclined to surf on over to YouTube and type in "Do The Harlem Shake." And if you were to do that, YouTube'll interpret it as a direct order, and unleash a meta-jig of its own. Can this be the final, referential nail in the viral coffin? Please?


Admittedly, it's a clever little trick, but now that even YouTube is in on it, maybe it's time that we—as an Internet culture—finally call it quits. Is there anything left to shake other than the very structure of our sense of humor itself? It's done, you guys. There's nowhere left to go. But let's shake it out one last time.

Thanks Rosa!

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I'll leave this here...