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YouTube's Creative Commons License Lets You Remix Videos Like Crazy

Illustration for article titled YouTubes Creative Commons License Lets You Remix Videos Like Crazy

Starting tomorrow, remixers will be able to mashup their favorite YouTube videos using a new Creative Commons license.


The new feature will let you assign a Creative Commons license to your videos. This open license lets other people use your CC videos in their projects. You can also use their CC videos in your creations. All the editing will take place in YouTube's online editing tool where you can splice and dice to your heart's content. When you are done, attribution links will appear underneath the newly mashed video.

Al Jazeera and C-SPAN are launch partners and have agreed to release 10,000 Creative Commons videos. That's just the beginning. The number of available videos is expected to skyrcket as people become aware of this new CC license. Look for this feature to go live tomorrow at noon.

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So, basically they are marking their videos saying "You can take this and use it".

Seems a bit silly to me.