You've Always Got a Place To Sit When Your Backpack Turns Into a Stool

Unless you're just wandering off into the wilderness for a week, there's often a lot of waiting involved when traveling—whether it's for a flight, a hotel room, a taxi, or even dinner. So for all those times when you're stuck in line with no place to sit, the Bagobago might actually be the best traveling companion since it's a lightweight backpack with a compact stool built right in.


The stool's folding frame is hidden away inside the backpack, but it's engineered so as not to waste valuable storage space inside. In fact, you can cram about 22 liters of stuff inside the Bagobago pack, including everything from large laptops to rolled sleeping bags. It's also balanced so that the pack is still comfortable to wear, even when full. And if you've really got it stuffed, there's an optional hip belt to help transfer the weight off your shoulders.

The bottom of the BagoBago zips off to reveal a set of four legs that keeps the backpack a few inches off the ground, so that you can plunk down and sit on the pack almost anywhere. And even if the legs and feet get dirty, the removable cover ensures that dirt or dust isn't going to end up all over you once you put the pack back on.

What's most surprising is that the Bagobago isn't a Kickstarter or an Indiegogo. Its creators believe in the product enough to have funded a production run on their own, and you can order one now from its website for around $150. It's the perfect way to take a load off, after you've taken a load off (your back). [Bagobago via The Red Ferret Journal]

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