You've Never Seen So Many Stars Squeezed Into One Tiny Room

As digital displays are becoming more common than ever, good old-fashioned projectors are getting rarer and rarer. That includes the hulking beasts that are planetarium projectors, those often massive, rotating behemoths that spout out views of the entire sky. Fortunately, the antiquated gadgets have a home at the aptly named Planetarium Projector Museum.

Maintained by owner Owen Phairis, the home for retired projectors boasts some 17 members, making it the largest collection in the world and capable of summoning up a whole crap-ton of skies. My god, it's full of stars. [Cool Hunting]

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Ooh, nostalgia time. I fondly recall school trips to the planetarium, and loving the crazy projector devices (and later, the lasers). They've apparently gone all digital now.