Zalman Reserator Pump Rattle Won't "Last Indefinitely"

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Since I'm about to blow this popsicle stand, I think I'm going to make a fussy post. I bought the Zalman Reserator 1 water cooling rig—the great big blue phallus of computing—and it's sort of awesome, except the impeller inside the pump started making a rattle after about a month of operation. Supposedly, the new model was to have a new pump that addressed this problem, but reading the Zalman support forums showed that it's the same old model. So I sent Zalman an email asking them when they planned on having a replacement pump that worked, since I'd rather wait to replace mine with something that actually fixed the problem, not one that would just break again in another month.

I'll paste the emails after the jump, but suffice it to say, Zalman's answer was essentially "Shit happens, consumer. Buy our new accessories, which probably won't fix the problem, either." I'd say give Zalman a pass until they can figure out a better answer than that.

Subject: Impeller Problems on Reserator 1 Pump Body: I've got the death rattle, too.

Here's the thing, though: I sort of don't want to swap the pumps right
now if it's just going to happen again. Is there any way you could
start a list where customers could sign up to be notified once you
guys have researched a better pump solution?


Joel Johnson

Subject: Re: Impeller Problems on Reserator 1 Pump
Body: Mr. Johnson,

The recommendation from our engineers is to use pure, distilled water
mixed with our upcoming G-100 anti-corrosive fluid. After extensive
formulation and testing, they claim it should prolong the performance of
the pump and ensure smooth, quiet operation. This fluid should be
available in 4-6 weeks. Like any mechanical parts with moving
components, they will eventually wear out. There is no product that we
have come across yet that is compact enough to fit into the base of our
cooler, submersible, relatively inexpensive, and lasts indefinitely.

Unfortunately, we do not have a mailing list set up. However, if there
are news of pump updates, it will definitely be posted on our website at

Zalman USA, Inc.