Illustration for article titled Zeemote Wireless Wii-Like Nunchuk Controller Makes Mobile Gaming Less Sucky

The major reason I hate cellphone games is the super-shitty controls. A pad designed for stubby thumbs to punch out series of digits is not an optimal gaming control surface, especially when it comes to 3D movement. The Zeemote is a Bluetooth analog joystick—that looks a lot like a Wii nunchuk, and they've even got an accelerometer version coming—making it possible to move around in a platformer without pitching your cellphone into a sewer.


The tech's been validated on phones from all of the majors; Sega Mobile and some other developers are onboard; and they just got a nice cash infusion, so a launch next year is looking good. The timing is solid, too, as mobile phones get beefier specs to run more intense games that I might actually wanna play if I forget my DS at home. [Pocket Gamer via Max Console

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