Zeppelins Return to the US This Halloween, $785 Gets You On Board

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We first learned about Airship Ventures plans to bring airship travel back to the US after a 70 year absence back in May when they secured 8 million in funding for the project. Now it appears that their dream of filling the skies with huge, slow balloons once more will become a reality this Halloween when they will embark on their first ever passenger flight. Details on the flight itself are scarce, but we do know that 246-foot long airship will be under the command of the world's only female Zeppelin pilot and it will take off somewhere in the Bay area. The band Abney Park will also be on board and rumor has it that might even take a few requests. Currently, there are 8 spots left on the historic flight, and tickets are selling for $785. It's a hefty sum, but remember that price pays for the whole seat—but I am sure that you will only need the edge. Ticket info is available in the following link. [Abney Park and Airship Ventures via Boing Boing]

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Zeppelin Tech is sound and SAFE, Helium people Helium!

Its only got a bad wrap... Even Hydrogen can be safe in a Gas Cell system...

Zeppelins are the trains of the sky, and I welcome them back.

scenic, quite, and reliable.