Zero X Electric Motorcycle is Fast, Eco-Friendly, USB Compatible

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What have your lithium-ion batteries done for you lately? Forget powering those handheld gadgets, the king of lithium-ion batteries is sitting in the heart of the Zero X electric motorcycle. Named for its lack of emissions and noise, the 120-pound Zero X still pumps out 20 horsepower and tops out at around 50 miles per hour. A single charge of the battery will take you 40 miles, but the battery packs can be hotswapped in mere seconds and fully recharge in about three hours. Though the engine is roughly equivalent to that of a 250cc gasoline-powered bike, the lightweight electric motor makes the Zero X accelerate much faster. If it's too fast for you, plug the bike's brain into your PC via the USB port to access the bike's virtual control panel.


The ZBrain computer opens up a host of customizatin options for the electric bike, including the ability to create multiple riding profiles for different users. You can blaze to work at full throttle all week, then tone down the acceleration and top speed and make the younglings run errands for you on the weekend. While the bike is suitable for on- or off-road adventures, it isn't street legal just yet. Zero Motorcycles is hoping to put a modified commuter version with lights and blinkers on the market in a few months. You can pick one up by joining Zero's fan club for a $2,000 fee, which is then credited against the purchase price of $6,900 when you place your order. [Zero Motorcycles via C|Net]

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A 250cc that tops out at 50mph would be a really crappy 250.

Still this bike is neato.