Created to make inputting text easier for users in Asia (China specifically), the eZiText is a text messaging solution to a problem that doesn't necessarily exist in the U.S. The creator, Zi Corporation, will be showing it off at the CommmunicAsia event later this month in Singapore.

EZiText is supposed to be smart, that is, it will learn from the user's vocabulary the more it is used. Right now it's available in 54 languages. When released, the latest eZiText will be the only "text input solution" (corporate speak or Newspeak?) with "run-on phase-level input for mobile devices." Yes, nothing's more exciting than making it easier to drunk-text message people. No, dude, I will not "guess where you are," so stop bothering me a 2 a.m. with your lousy texts.


Press Release [MobileBurn]

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