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Zippo Lighter Saves Man In Burglary Shooting

Brad Cooper's Zippo stopped a bullet that could have killed him. Brad Cooper is a very lucky guy. Also, Brad Cooper is crazy.


It happened when he found a burglar in his backyard. The guy pointed the gun at Cooper, telling him to stop. But Cooper didn't care: He says that he kept walking towards the thief, who shot him on the leg, near his groin. You may think that the bullet stopped him, but that wasn't the case. Cooper says that he felt something on his leg, but it didn't hurt that much, so he kept walking until the burglar put his gun against his head, asking him if he wanted "another one." And then he stopped.

The reason why he didn't stop and bleed to death through his femoral artery was the steel Zippo that he had in his jeans' pockets. The Zippo stopped the bullet, the cops got the burglar's DNA from his TV, and Cooper lived to see another day. [Q13FOX]


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i was gonna say this guy needs to buy a lottery ticket now but i think all his good fortune has been used up. perhaps for life.