Zoom R8: A Recording Studio for the Travelling Minstrel

The Zoom R24 is well known as a sturdy and robust portable 4-function music production system. The new R8 provides that same functionality in a form factor small enough to fit in a guitar case.

The R8 provides 2-track simultaneous recording and 8-track playback. Connect it via USB and the R8 acts as both a 2 in/2 out audio interface and DAW controller (because simultaneously fading multiple tracks is much easier with ten fingers than with one pointer). It also features a built-in sampler for looping audio onto tracks and a drum machine.


It supports up to a 32GB SDHC card and the included 2GB SD card contains 500 MB of drum loops from Big Fish Audio. Powered by either USB, AC, or 4 AA's; the only thing this thing doesn't do is tune your instruments or act as a metronome. Wait, no nevermind, it does that too.

The R8 retails for $299 and is available now. [via Zoom]

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