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Zuck Wishes America a Happy Birthday in the Most Cursed Way Possible

The response on social media can be summed up in one word: Why?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Mark Zuckerberg (Instagram) / Gizmodo

I saw this, so now you have to see it too. It may look like one of those deepfake videos, but I swear to you: It’s the real deal.

While other people were out roasting hot dogs or watching fireworks on Sunday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg choose to celebrate the Fourth of July by gracing the internet with a video of himself surfing while holding an American flag as “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by the late John Denver plays in the background. Why? Because AMERICA.


This absolutely cursed video is the latest in a string of bizarre PR moments from ol’ Zuck, who last month shared videos of him shooting arrows at bowling pins and throwing spears at wooden targets (shown in slow motion, so you can fully appreciate how cool he is).


At least this time, the billionaire appears to have been more conservative with his sunscreen application. Unlike that infamous photo that went viral last year of him slathered in an ungodly amount of sunscreen while out on an e-foiling adventure. He later claimed he was trying to fool the paparazzi tailing him with all that SPF, because surely turning a paler shade of white would make him completely unrecognizable (turns out, he was wrong).

“Happy July 4th!” Zuckerberg wrote in the video’s caption on Instagram.

The response on social media can be summed up in a word: Why?

“I wish they could bring John Denver back to life just so he could sue Mark Zuckerberg for this,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Someone told Mark Zuckerberg to act totally normal for July 4th,” wrote another. That was my first thought as well: How does a person manage to look even more like a robot on video than he does in photos?

I hope you all can still enjoy the Fourth of July weekend after seeing this. As for me, this video will be living rent-free in my head for way longer than it should.