Zuckerberg Is the #1 Most Popular Person! (On Google+)

Mark Zuckerberg is so rich and incredible that he's not only running the universe's most beloved social network, but is the most beloved person on Google+—his competition! What a guy. He's even beating Google's own CEO.

According to Google+ stat-tracking site SocialStatistics, Zuck's topping out the Google+ popularity contest with over 29,000 followers. Google CEO Larry Page is a distant second with almost 20,000, and everyone he works with has to follow him, or else they get thrown into the giant Google people-masher that powers their data centers. So, that's pretty sad right? Furthermore, isn't 29,000 a pretty paltry number? We realize Google+ is both nascent and closed, but Zuckerberg has over 4.5 million fans on Facebook—29k isn't exactly a fan club, by comparison. [SocialStatistics via LA Times]


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