Zuckerberg Is the #1 Most Popular Person! (On Google+)

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Mark Zuckerberg is so rich and incredible that he's not only running the universe's most beloved social network, but is the most beloved person on Google+—his competition! What a guy. He's even beating Google's own CEO.


According to Google+ stat-tracking site SocialStatistics, Zuck's topping out the Google+ popularity contest with over 29,000 followers. Google CEO Larry Page is a distant second with almost 20,000, and everyone he works with has to follow him, or else they get thrown into the giant Google people-masher that powers their data centers. So, that's pretty sad right? Furthermore, isn't 29,000 a pretty paltry number? We realize Google+ is both nascent and closed, but Zuckerberg has over 4.5 million fans on Facebook—29k isn't exactly a fan club, by comparison. [SocialStatistics via LA Times]



sounds like he's playing games with the competition. This guy is known for underhanded tactics. Trying to think how this would benefit him. Off hand the first thing that comes to mind is if you are on his friends list he knows you have google+ account. What are the chances he's cross referenced everyone on his google+ list with facebook and is paying particular attention to what these people say about google+ private or not?

He's also known for being vindictive. I suspect having him know you are on google+ is going to haunt you.