Zuckerberg Will Donate the Majority of His Wealth

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Joining up with Bill Gates, George Lucas, Warren Buffett, and 50 other billionaires, Zuckerberg has agreed to donate the majority of his wealth to charity, as part of the Giving Pledge movement Gates launched back in August.


It's the largest philanthropic work ever done, with over 50 billionaires pledging to give away most of their fortunes to various charities. They're not legally bound to do so, but if they renege then I imagine all hell would break loose. Just imagine having Gates' beady glare on you, wherever you go. *shudder*

15 other billionaires signed up recently, alongside Zuckerberg. AOL's co-founder Steve Case, and investor Carl Icahn are just some of the names you might recognize. The charities on the receiving end of the Giving Pledge's handout haven't been named yet, but considering Gates fascination with green issues, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some funky eco-friendly initiatives start looking...well, greener. [WSJ]



They always said money is power. I'm kinda mixed on whether or not to feed the homeless, help cure a disease, or just say F it and take over a large piece of land like Australia to start a new utopian society with a better government.

All this money that all these billionaires are donating, while very noble and appreciated, I just don't think the average person will ever feel even the fringe of a ripple effect they might cause.

This money should be used to completely revamp something inherently wrong with the world, and there's too many things wrong with the world right now.