ZumoDrive Apps Stream Media and Access Documents on Your Android, Palm Pre, or iPhone

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Whether you're carrying an iPhone, Android or Palm Pre device, there's an app available to access ZumoDrive's cloud service. This means that you can stream nearly all your media and view most documents over Wi-Fi, 3G, and Edge.


ZumoDrive gives you 1GB of storage for free and offers plans ranging from $3 to $80 per month for additional space. Like some other cloud-based storage services, ZumoDrive offers a neat option to link folders in the cloud to folders on your computer for automatic syncing. This means that you could have an automatically updated music, video, or document library accessible from most of your devices.

The apps as well as 1GB storage are free and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store, Palm's Software Store, or the Android Market right now.


New Apps Give Users Access to their Personal Media Libraries and Documents On-the-Go

BURLINGAME, Calif., March 16th, 2009 – ZumoDrive, the consumer service for easily accessing and storing media and documents across devices, today announced the release of ZumoDrive for Android and ZumoDrive for Palm Pre, building on the success of the company's iPhone application. With these mobile apps, consumers now can access and play their music, video and photos without having to bother with cumbersome sync or take up precious disk space on their smartphones. ZumoDrive is now available on Mac, PC, Linux, iPhone, Android and Palm Pre platforms.

ZumoDrive's ultra-thin file replication is an innovative approach to going beyond storage and backup to provide streaming access to music, video and photos at a moment's notice. This approach lets consumers easily access and play their entire iTunes library on their phones even though the songs are not locally saved. Additionally, ZumoDrive changes the equation from manually saving files to a specific location to a more seamless system of designating folders to be linked to ZumoDrive. The files within these Linked Folders are automatically updated in ZumoDrive and available anywhere.

"Consumers today purchase and use more devices than ever, and they expect to access their content on all of them," said David Zhao, founder and CEO of ZumoDrive. " ZumoDrive unshackles our users' content so they can enjoy it wherever and whenever they want, without worrying about syncing and downloading. With the new Android and Palm Pre applications, consumers can now access documents as well as share playlists or photo albums from even more mobile devices."

Features of the new Android and Palm Pre applications include:

  • Video streaming from ZumoDrive directly to the device in MP4, H.264 format
  • Music playback of all songs
  • Music organized by artist, albums, and even playlists created on other devices
  • Ability to stream music in the background
  • Ability to listen to music over both 3G or EDGE networks
  • Access to photo albums saved in ZumoDrive
  • Easy document access and viewing for Microsoft Office documents and PDF files
  • Ability to easily share files from ZumoDrive with anyone (Android)

The Android and Palm applications can be downloaded from here and here, respectively. The applications are also available as free downloads from Palm's Software Store or the Android Market. ZumoDrive offers tiered storage options so users can choose the plan that works best for their needs. See here for options.



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"AirVideo"...stream from home, no limit (unless your device doesn't have a corresponding app yet) and available anywhere. Edge, 2G, WIFI. Why Pay for monthly service? The App is like 3.00 and desktop "server" app is free.