Zune HD to Cost Between $249 and $280 in September?

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Neowin talked to an alleged "software engineer" on the Zune team who revealed that the 16GB Zune HD—though its price is not finalized—should run somewhere between $249 and $280 this September (a date that was rumored previously.)


The interview is filled with lots of other interesting rumors, however, including that Microsoft is considering not only 16/32GB models but a 64GB Zune HD as well. (There was no speculation as to the price of such a mega model). If the Zune is your bag, be sure to read the full interview over at Neowin. [Neowin]



Ya, but it's a Zune. It will never gain any track or win over iPod Kingdom. iPods have so many games now, and apps and etc.... This thing is so late in the game.

Micro$oft always fails to innovate. They just copy everyone else.