The offerings over at Zune Marketplace are about to see a nice little update as Microsoft adds 400 new episodes of various television shows. That's not gigantic if you start analyzing shows by 24-episode seasons (and even less when you scale it to dailies like The Colbert Report), but if you were to scale that in terms of MTV seasons, that's like 100+ new shows! Holy crap! Here's the full rollout schedule of the new content:

Zune Marketplace Video Store Update Schedule:

· Wednesday, May 28: COMEDY CENTRAL

o "The Colbert Report"

o "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

· Friday, May 30: NBC Universal

o "Friday Night Lights"

o "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"

o "Law & Order"

o "Life"

o "Lipstick Jungle"

o "Saturday Night Live"

· Tuesday, June 3: SCI FI Channel

o "Battlestar Galactica Classics"

o "Destination Truth"

o "Ghost Hunters International"

o "Ghost Hunters"

o "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?"

· Friday, June 6: USA Network

o "Dr. Steve-O"

o "In Plain Sight"

o "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"

o "Monk"

o "Psych"

o "The Starter Wife"