Zune Owner Uses Craigslist for Love Connection

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One lonely Zune owner in West Hollywood is searching Craigslist high and low for one of his own—a simple lady to "rocket sweet tracks up each other's Zune slots." Isn't looking for a Zune-using soulmate the technological equivalent of being the last unicorn, fervently searching Earth for a companion, but ultimately settling on a one night stand with a horse* on its way to the glue factory? We mean, what was meant to be a one night stand. Before her kids moved in. Of course, if this is a viral ad, it's far less funny. And it probably is.

*Admittedly, we have to place in our Zune-unicorn metaphor for the role of the horse. So you can just assume the Zune owner resorts to herpes-covered prostitute who uses a Rio or something. [Valleywag]


@BayTraveler: I'm sick of everyone hacking on the Zune! I'm not an Ipod hater/Zune lover, but indifferent to them, they are both pretty cool. Just because you own a Ipod like everyone else in the world, that makes Zunes "stupid" for lack of a better word?

I own a Porsche, so should you not be allowed to reproduce? (if you drive a lesser vehicle)

From now on, on the street, if someone talks down on a Zune, I'm round-housing them in the face.

::rant over::