ZyXEL Wi-Fi Do-It-All Reviewed (Verdict: Does-It-All)

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ZyXEL has released their AG225H USB Wi-Fi all-in-one to satisfy the wardriver in all of us. Best of all, this small USB device is capable of doing three different functions. Three! First it can act as a wireless network detector. Then once you have found that ideal unencrypted network this can act is a wireless adapter for your notebook. Lastly it is capable of acting as a wireless access point. So here are the goods: it has excellent range, will display the type of encryption, has a rechargeable battery, has a hard on/off switch, and is multifunctional. Never has stealing borrowing wireless Internet felt so good or looked so sexy. Unfortunately this is going to run you about $80, but think of all the Starbucks wireless fees you're saving.

ZyXEL AG225H: Pocket Wardriving [Live Digitally]

Best Price for ZyXEL Wi-Fi Do It All


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