Pinewood Derby iPhone: And You Thought the 3G Was FastIf you were a Boy Scout at one time, you probably had a flashback after reading the words "Pinewood Derby." For the uninitiated, the derby is a time honored tradition where Cub Scouts race small cars they construct from a block of wood, plastic wheels and some nails. As you can see, this particular car is expertly crafted into an iPhone lookalike. Pinewood Derby iPhone: And You Thought the 3G Was FastThe car was designed by one of the professional print, web, and environmental designers attending a derby for charity put on by the Columbus Society of Communication Professionals-so it is not a true Pinewood Derby car. To be honest, I don't think that this would even pass strict Boy Scout regulations. Nonetheless, it is a damn fine looking car and it appears to be up to date with 2.0 software. Unfortunately, we don't know if this thing is truly state-of-the-art with 3G horsepower under the hood. [Flickr and CSArts via Make]