KABLOOIE | When homebrew anti-aircraft systems go wrong

Top Stories: Wednesday, April 13, 2011Air Traffic Controller Sleeps as Medical Plane Tries To Land

For the third time in almost as many weeks, reports have surfaced of an air traffic controller falling asleep at his post. This time, in Reno, a medical plane carrying a sick passenger had to land without tower assistance in the early hours of More »

Top Stories: Wednesday, April 13, 2011Support the Campaign to Build a Life-Size, Operational AT-AT!

What a name: AT-AT for America. Says it all, really. The project is due to make an appearance on Kickstarter next week, when you'll have your chance to throw some money behind the good cause. More »

Top Stories: Wednesday, April 13, 201110 Tools to Help Run Your Way Back Into Shape

If your winter was anything like mine, then you spent it lazing about indoors while eating everything in sight. And that's totally cool, but you probably gained a few unwanted pounds as well. Now that the weather's getting warm, and you can no longer hide beneath More »

Top Stories: Wednesday, April 13, 2011Where to Buy Cheap Flips Before They Go Extinct

Flips! Dead, killed, gone, and murdered by smartphones. But that doesn't mean they're bad little buggers. Hell, for the right discounted price, Flips can still be awesome little video recording machines. Here are the cheapest places to score a Flip before More »


Top Stories: Wednesday, April 13, 2011The JawSaw Is Equally Equipped for Tree Grooming and Zombie Defense

The chainsaw, unwieldy as it can be, is a simple enough design to take for granted. The Worx JawSaw, on the other hand, is both cleverly formed, and incredibly formidable looking-whether you're looking chopping dead wood or undead. More »

Top Stories: Wednesday, April 13, 2011Pictures Recently Taken with Expired 50-Year-Old Film Look Like They're 50-Years-Old

When I saw these pictures I assumed they were at least 50 years old. Nope! Amazingly, the photos were actually shot this month! How come they look so old then? Well, because the pictures were taken with More »

Top Stories: Wednesday, April 13, 2011Braun's Watches are Straight Outta the Dieter Rams Design Books

Relaunching the watches line they created with Dieter Rams back in the '70s is possibly one of the greatest ideas Braun will ever have. Designed by Zeon, they're actually very Apple; almost like tiny iMacs strapped to your wrist. More »

Top Stories: Wednesday, April 13, 2011WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery: On the Seventh Day, You Drink

Truth: I've always wanted to be a brewer. Part cook, part scientist, part lush-it's really everything I ever wanted out of life. And while there are some home brewing kits that at least give me a glimpse into the experience, none of them holds a candle, it seems, More »