It may not be official, but with the start of September, summer is pretty much out the door. No one likes to see those sunny days fall by the wayside, so we're sure there was a bit of gloom hanging over the workweek. Fortunately, we've got a whole slew of iOS apps for you to take your mind off your troubles. Just push 'em way deep down inside—it's the healthy thing to do.

Path: This week, Path introduced a premium, pay-for service. Path 3.2 for Android and iOS now allows users unlimited access to the network’s stickers, camera filters and all manner of other things for a monthly or annual fee. Subscriptions for iOS sell for $5 for three months and $15 for a year. It'll help Path generate revenue, and in return offer users more features—stickers! photo filters!—and a more customizable experience, according to Path. Though we're yet to find out exactly what that means. But it raises the question: are you prepared to start paying for a social network? [Free, $5/3 months, $15/year]