Leaked Advert Image Could be First Showing of Palm Centro2

At Palm Addicts they've somehow got hold of a leaked advert that looks like it's for Palm's update to the Centro, the Centro2 smartphone. Take a peek—it's pretty convincing. There's of course no way to know whether this is real or a piece of Photoshopped fakery and it's difficult to glean much info on the device from… »8/11/08 6:30am8/11/08 6:30am

AT&T Palm Centro Goes Electric Blue, Gets Even Cheaper on Friday

Apparently the Centro is going to be stupid cheap on AT&T starting July 11, and it'll come in "electric blue." Palm is being coy about exactly how much cheaper, but we figure it'll be a decent discount-maybe down to $49, like the BlackBerry Kickstart will be. We're sure it'll have people lining up at AT&T stores this… »7/08/08 12:59pm7/08/08 12:59pm

Palm Selling Centro Unlocked for $299, Gets Google Maps with My Location

Already available on the three biggest US carriers, the only way to make the Centro a bigger hit is to sell it unlocked-and that's what Palm is doing, for $299. It's only in white, though. You can pick it up online at Palm's site. Also, starting tomorrow, they'll be offering Google Maps with My Location for Centros,… »6/23/08 4:04pm6/23/08 4:04pm

Next-Gen Palm OS Will Be "Between Centro and Treo," All About the Internets

Talking to APC, Palm CEO Ed Colligan revealed some of the broader strokes of its next-gen OS, upon which the company's hopes for relevance are inexorably pinned. Due in '09, it'll be "a new prosumer brand" that fits "in between the Centro and Treo lines." He refers to the OS as "Palm 2.0" at one point—as in Web… »5/28/08 10:15am5/28/08 10:15am

Palm Adding Voice Commands to Treos For Messaging and Browsing

Thanks to an agreement with Nuance Communications, Palm will be delivering voice command capabilities to Palm OS supported smartphones like the Centro and the Treo. More specifically, Palm will be utilizing Nuance's VSuite apps to handle functions like name dialing, digit dialing, message addressing for text, picture,… »3/26/08 4:30pm3/26/08 4:30pm