This couple's wedding may have been the geekiest wedding ever

Meet Kristin and Zachary. They're a geeky couple who love each other and geeky things so it was fitting that they decided to have the geekiest wedding ever. How geeky? How about Nintendo cartridge invitations. Doctor Who shoes. A Star Wars guestbook. A Lego cake. Butterbeer. An Xbox achievement for the first kiss. And… » 5/29/14 11:40pm 5/29/14 11:40pm

Tactical Stockings Ensure Maximum Stuffage

Ensuring a healthy bounty of presents on Christmas morning isn't all about just being good. As any kid will tell you, there are countless strategies you can use to maximize your pile of presents—including this tactical stocking. A new addition to your festive arsenal, it's packed with pockets, straps, clips, and an… » 12/03/13 3:40pm 12/03/13 3:40pm

A Lightup Stegosaurus Is Just What Your Lawn Nativity Scene Needed

When you're trying to one-up your neighbor's holiday decor, an authentic nativity scene on your front lawn is the least of your priorities. You want decorations that will have people driving for miles to see your home. Besides, who's to say there wasn't a glowing animated stegosaurus outside the stable that night in… » 11/19/13 11:20am 11/19/13 11:20am

All You Need For a Christmas Tree Is a Battery, LEDs, and a Little Know-How

When your cubicle desk looks like everyone else's, you'll do anything you can to differentiate your space. And if you're looking for a unique way to bring a little festive cheer to your 9 to 5 drudgery, check out this adorable and minimalist 9-volt powered LED tree by Redditor 'jingle_balls123'. » 12/12/12 2:16pm 12/12/12 2:16pm

8 Easy Christmas Trees For the Festive But Lazy

There's a reason the holidays are often referred to as the most wonderful time of the year. The decorations, the lights, the presents, and the food all come together to make it outshine all the other holidays of the year combined. But do you know the one thing that can make Christmas even more wonderful? Avoiding all… » 12/11/12 3:40pm 12/11/12 3:40pm

Concrete Wallpaper Perfects That Cozy Cold War Bunker Look

If you grew up at the height of the Cold War and remember spending many nights in your family's fallout shelter, perhaps warm colors and relaxing patterns just don't feel homey to you. If stark gray walls are the only thing that says 'home sweet home' this faux concrete wallpaper turns any room into an emotionless… » 9/26/12 11:40am 9/26/12 11:40am

Kooky Christmas Decorations Act Like a Transforming Sponge

Place some bare framework festooned with folded paper into the included petri dish, add water, and a few hours later you have these elaborate Christmas decorations bursting forth as if by magic. It reminds us of compressing a straw wrapper, then adding a few drops of water—and voilà! It turns into a squirming worm.… » 11/22/07 11:00am 11/22/07 11:00am