You Can Redecorate This Lego-Friendly Wreath As Often As You Like

Having a hard time deciding which theme you’re going with for your holiday decor this year? With ThinkGeek’s Lego-compatible Build On Brick Holiday Wreath you don’t have to decide. You can just redecorate it with your own Lego pieces every hour if you’re so inspired.


The 10-inch wide plastic green wreath comes completely naked save for all the studs needed to attach your Lego, Mega Bloks, Kre-O, or other building toy pieces. For $20 it does include a red and black festive ribbon hanging off the bottom, but all of the rest of the decor is left completely up to you.

Do you go with a Star Wars themed wreath on your door this year? Or mix it up with some Lego pirates? The beauty of this wreath is that you can do Star Wars one day, pirates the next, or even have them co-existing on the wreath at the same time. [ThinkGeek]

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