You Better Believe This Floating Slimer Prop Plays the Ghostbusters Theme

Halloween is most enjoyable when it’s spooky and campy, not terrifying. So instead of covering your front lawn with monsters and corpses, ThinkGeek has created this wonderful Slimer prop that ‘floats’ back and forth on a 15-foot rope.

It’s not exactly cutting-edge special effects, but it will also only cost you $60 for a pretty fantastic Halloween decoration. In addition to traveling back and forth across the included 15-foot rope, the motorized Slimer also spins, glows with LEDs inside, and plays Ray Parker, Jr.’s catchy Ghostbusters theme. Instead of food, you just need to feed him a steady diet of three AA batteries.


On Halloween the neighborhood kids won’t keep coming back to your house for the candy; they’ll keep coming back for the party going down on your front porch all night. [ThinkGeek]

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