Anonymous Attacks Department Of Justice Website and Threatens Worse…

Since Aaron Swartz's suicide two weeks ago—an incident largely blamed on the charges being levied against him—the 'net has been grieving. And Anonymous has been doing that in its own special way: tearing shit up. In the latest of several attacks, they took down the U.S. Justice Department's Sentencing Commission site » 1/26/13 2:58pm 1/26/13 2:58pm

Appeals Court Rules Computer Code Is Not "Property" and Can't Be Stolen

Sergey Aleynikov, an ex-Goldman-Sachs programmer, spent a year in prison for downloading source code of the firm's high-speed trading software before his sentence was overturned in February. Today, the court explained why—downloading computer code doesn't constitute stealing under the National Stolen Property Act. » 4/12/12 1:00am 4/12/12 1:00am

DOJ Says Apple, Google, Pixar and Intel Conspired to Not Poach Each…

In addition to shutting down Megaupload, the DOJ made another choice chunk of information public last night: evidence of multiple Silicon Valley companies conspiring to not poach each other's employees. On the surface, it may sound like tepid HR industry fodder, but it's something that affects all of us through the… » 1/20/12 2:39pm 1/20/12 2:39pm

$356 Million Later, the Justice Department's Wireless Network Still…

After 9/11, three federal law enforcement agencies planned a massive project to replace a mishmash of aging and obsolete radios used by thousands of federal agents. A decade and $356 million later, the program has made "minimal progress" and the Department of Homeland Security, one of the project's key partners, wants… » 1/20/12 10:00am 1/20/12 10:00am

American Online Poker Is Under Attack Again

Last Friday, the DOJ unveiled a 52-page (52? LOL.) indictment against three of the biggest online poker companies providing service for Americans—PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker—and alleged that they were guilty of money laundering, along with wire and bank fraud. According to the DOJ attorney, the… » 4/21/11 6:50pm 4/21/11 6:50pm

Ruling Gives DOJ Access to Wikileaks-linked Twitter Accounts

A federal judge in Virginia issued a ruling today that allows the Department of Justice to access the Twitter accounts and associated data like the email addresses of principal Wikileaks members, including Julian Assange. The measure comes after the DOJ subpoena'd those members back in January in a probe to determine… » 3/11/11 6:23pm 3/11/11 6:23pm

DOJ and FTC Are Investigating Apple's iOS Subscription Policies

The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission are a little bit curious what Apple is up to after they introduced their new subscription policy for iOS apps built around magazines and streaming media services. Companies have been accusing Apple of antitrust violations, but the Cupertino company isn't… » 2/18/11 1:20am 2/18/11 1:20am