Contacts With Coverflow Concept Kind Of Cool

Coverflow isn't my favorite feature of OS X, but I have to admit it is neat, but that's about it. There are more efficient ways to organize pretty much any data you can think of, but this idea of applying the technology to your iPhone's Contacts list intrigues me. Nothing fancy here, it would likely be a piece of cake… » 7/07/08 9:00pm 7/07/08 9:00pm

Eee PC Touchscreen Coming This Summer, Asus Confirms

Asus' president of sales, Kevin Lin, has announced the upcoming 8.9-inch Eee PC will have a touchscreen incorporated. Lin also speculated that the device may have GPS functionality, too, however this was not confirmed. The announcement has us a little confused, as earlier reports suggested otherwise. Still, Lin went… » 3/26/08 4:27am 3/26/08 4:27am