Amazon Quietly Discontinuing the Kindle DX

Amazon has been busily updating its Kindle lineup over the past few years, and now its flagship Fires and Paperwhite have media consumption covered. Along the way the massive Kindle DX has been ignored—and now it seems the device is being discontinued. » 10/15/12 5:23am 10/15/12 5:23am

CourseSmart Dumps 7,000+ Textbooks Into the iPhone App Store

They're hugely different devices, sure, but could the iPhone be stepping on the Kindle's toes again? CourseSmart, which offers subsciption-based, notes-capable eBooks online, has released a full-featured iPhone app for their subscribers. In other words, yes. » 8/10/09 3:40pm 8/10/09 3:40pm

The New Yorker's Epic Takedown of the Kindle Adds to Bezos' Headaches

Nicholson Baker of the venerable New Yorker decided to try out Amazon's Kindle to see if it was really the future of reading. He wrote a whopping 6,300 words on the subject, but allow me to summarize: it sucks. » 7/27/09 10:20am 7/27/09 10:20am