Kindle DX Ships June 10 For $489

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The $489, 9.7-inch Amazon Kindle DX is shipping June 10. Amazon's filling pre-orders first, so those people who got really excited early on get them before everyone else. [Amazon]




This still fails to hold any interest to me whatsoever. I might see the value of an e-reader if it were around 150 bucks...but almost 500? I can think of an AWFUL lot of things I'd rather drop that kind of cash on...a PC, a laptop, really decent digicam or blu-ray player....root canal, liposuction etc.

I can honestly say I've seen 1 kindle out and about in the real world. I just don't see it catching on as 'big time' as Amazon might like to think, even among geeks like myself. I'm always up for a new toy, but meh...create a kindle app for i-phone and I'd be all over it, but another piece of hardware?

I'll pass. Next article please.