Amazon Quietly Discontinuing the Kindle DX

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Amazon has been busily updating its Kindle lineup over the past few years, and now its flagship Fires and Paperwhite have media consumption covered. Along the way the massive Kindle DX has been ignored—and now it seems the device is being discontinued.


The eBook Reader points out that the DX is no longer available for purchase from Amazon, and is now only available through third party merchants. There's also no mention of the DX coming back into stock, and the device has been removed from the Kindle family box and all the Kindle comparison tables at Amazon.


In other words, the DX is dead to Amazon. It's hardly surprising: it hasn't been updated in years, the device hasn't featured in any press release in a long time, and it's recently been massively discounted—presumably in an attempt to shift remaining stock.

With it's 9.7-inch screen, it stood apart as a larger-form e-reader in a sea of 6-inch displays, so its discontinuation seems to signal the end of large-screen e-ink reading. For most people, though, the Paperwhite is probably the best e-reader you can buy. [The eBook Reader, Amazon]


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Did not agree just bc i clicked

I want a paperwhite, not because I need another device, but because with my fire, iPad 1 and 3 and iPhone I can't read a book at the beach. Or sitting by my pool.

My one concern is that the 3G model no longer does much related to 3G. One can no longer surf the web with the 3G service provided for free. I understand limiting the amount of data one can use, but really, what's the point of getting a 3G paperwhite if you can't use the 3G for anything? It's a jump from the older 3G kindles, which still can surf the web but only for 50mb a month. I just don't see that anyone should bother with the 3G model if it doesn't do anything. You can download books at home on wifi.