Getting a Shorter Headphone Cable Will Change Your Life

If you wear headphones, your pocket is too full. It's already got your phone in it, and then, to keep it from flopping useless against your thigh all day, you've stuffed the remainder of your overlong headphone cable in there as well, maybe rolled up neatly or wrapped around the phone, but most likely just jammed in… »6/28/13 11:18am6/28/13 11:18am


Ringtones For Grown-Ups Are Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

It's okay to have a Pavlovian response to your ringtone. That's what your phone conditions you to do. Sure, you might not be salivating, but your pulse quickens and you reach for your phone. The problem with this involuntary reflex starts when someone else has your ringtone, and if you're using a stock iPhone… »2/28/13 3:00pm2/28/13 3:00pm