Last week, we learned that digital music sales dropped for the first time since iTunes in 2013. Thanks to Billboard and Nielsen's fresh year-end music report, we now know that there was significant 32 percent uptick in music streams in 2013. This doesn't prove that Spotify and the like are killing music sales, but it… » 1/10/14 9:48am 1/10/14 9:48am

iTunes Radio Isn't For You. It's For Apple.

iTunes Radio is years in the making, and today, it finally lands on millions of devices via iOS 7 and the newly updated iTunes 11.1. Like anything that has been predicted and anticipated for ages, intrigued users will dive in, and in all likelihood, millions upon millions of them will become regular users. They… » 9/18/13 4:10pm 9/18/13 4:10pm

Rdio's New Personalized Radio Automatically Plays Exactly What You Like

In the future, streaming radio stations will be so sophisticated that they'll know based on all sorts of factors exactly what it is you want to listen to. We're not quite there yet, but Rdio—our favorite streaming radio service—has a new personalized radio feature, which takes a bold step in that direction. » 8/08/13 2:01pm 8/08/13 2:01pm

WSJ: Apple's Radio Terms Are (Slightly) More Generous Than Pandora's

Apple's new Radio service is now official and Pandora is coming under fire for being tight-fisted. Interesting, then, to hear of figures dug out by the Wall Street Journal which suggest that Apple is being every-so-slightly more generous with its deal. » 6/27/13 5:39am 6/27/13 5:39am

Pandora Actually Pays $1,300 for a Million Plays Not 16 Bucks

Math! It can solve a lot of problems. It can be made deliberately fuzzy. It can help us break down complicated things. Like artist music royalties from streaming music stations. When David Lowery revealed that Pandora paid him only $16 for 1 million plays, there was an outrage. But some deeper math reveals that Pandora … » 6/26/13 11:12pm 6/26/13 11:12pm

An Artist Got 16 Bucks for a Song That Pandora Streamed a Million…

A million of anything is pretty much always an insanely impossible number. Winning a million dollars, having a million Twitter followers, selling a million products—anything done a million times is something to be proud of. But maybe not getting your song streamed on Pandora a million times. All you get sometimes is 16 … » 6/24/13 10:00pm 6/24/13 10:00pm

The Amazing Predictive Ability of iTunes Radio

I was never much of a fan of Pandora. I started using it in the early days, and the predictions just weren't very good. I found myself using skip to the point of being shut out almost every time I tried to listen. I got a Zune Pass and never looked back. The Zune Pass evolved into an Xbox Music pass, and then I just… » 6/19/13 10:27am 6/19/13 10:27am

Why Pandora Just Bought an FM Radio Station in South Dakota

Late in the day on Tuesday, news emerged that Pandora had acquired an FM radio station in South Dakota for an undisclosed sum. Yes, you read that right. The world's largest internet radio station is getting into the terrestrial radio business, and it's not because Pandora's trying to build out its antique antenna… » 6/12/13 11:54am 6/12/13 11:54am

Pandora Ditches PS3 and Xbox 360 Apps For a Special HTML5 TV Interface

Starting today, you don't need to use a standalone application to access Pandora through your Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. The company has built a new HTML5 home for its services that's specially tailored for your TV. Simply point your console's browser to, login, and you'll be good to go. » 6/05/13 9:40am 6/05/13 9:40am

The Best Streaming Radio

Turning an online music service into a powerful automated DJ isn't easy. You can give an algorithm millions of songs and millions of data points, but it's still not going to have any style. So of all your options—including Google's new All Access—what's the streaming radio most worth your time? We found out. » 5/16/13 12:00pm 5/16/13 12:00pm

The Secret Twitter Music Feature That Adds a Dash of Pandora

Twitter's stab at music streaming burst onto the scene a few weeks ago, in all its celebrity-stalking glory. But there's at least one feature that's still hiding behind the scenes: a Pandora-like "similar artists" option. And you can coax it out if you know the secret code. » 4/29/13 5:22pm 4/29/13 5:22pm